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    Below is the final paragraph of Judge Jackson's Finding of Fact.

    "Most harmful of all is the message that Microsoft's actions have conveyed to every enterprise with the potential to innovate in the computer industry. Through its conduct toward Netscape, IBM, Compaq, Intel, and others, Microsoft has demonstrated that it will use its prodigious market power and immense profits to harm any firm that insists on pursuing initiatives that could intensify competition against one of Microsoft's core products. Microsoft's past success in hurting such companies and stifling innovation deters investment in technologies and businesses that exhibit the potential to threaten Microsoft. The ultimate result is that some innovations that would truly benefit consumers never occur for the sole reason that they do not coincide with Microsoft's self-interest."

    The final outcome of this antitrust trial is yet to be determined but it is safe to say that it is of such importance that it will almost certainly have a lasting effect on how U.S. antitrust law is prosecuted and interpreted for years to come. As important events occur we will update these pages.

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